Saturday, December 7, 2013

Carrier Oils

A Carrier Oil is not an essential oil, but a vegetable based oil. Some common ones are coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil and even plane 'ol vegetable oil. In the EO world, carrier oils are used a lot. Sometimes it is needed to dilute a 'hot' oil, other times to make it a kid friendly blend and other times the oils are added to a large amount of oil for a rub or cream.

Type of Carrier Oils

Any vegetable based oil that has no scent and is usually cold-pressed. FCO, fractional coconut oil, is the most commonly used because of health benefits but there are other options that may be cheaper and easier to find when getting started. Below are just a few choices I have come across the most in my reading about EOs. (all prices based on fall 2013)

Grape Seed Oil: As I am getting started, this is my go to oil because I had it in my kitchen cupboard already. I got mine at wal-mart, so most anyone should be able to get their hands on it. It is on Amazon (16 oz for $8)
Avocado Oil: I have not tried it, but it is on my list to try for oil cleansing. (more to come on that later) On Amazon for less than $15.
Sweet Almond Oil: Found easily on Amazon (16 oz for about $10)
There are many other oils that I have enjoyed using for a variety of purposes. Check out My Buys page for a list of what is in my cupboard. 

Dilute 'Hot' Oils

'Hot' oils are oils that our skin is more sensitive too. Some skin will be more sensitive than others, but it is best to dilute them with a carrier no matter what. 'Hot' oils the spice oils like oregano, basil, cinnamon, and thyme. Check out this chart I found at Camp Wander. {Amazing site to check out!} The chart has 3 rankings for skin sensitivity: neat, sensitive and dilute. Neat means you can apply directly to your skin. Sensitive is a little warning that sensitive skin might react (you may want to dilute) and dilute are the 'Hot' oils and must be diluted.

Never dilute with water! 
Oil and water always separate so it makes the oil 'stronger.'

Kid Friendly

Children under the age of 6 need ALL oils diluted. Based on my Camp Wander readings, I always dilute with at least 1 part carrier oil. When applying something that they may be sensitive to, always apply on the feet. Your feet not only have largest pores and soak up those oils quickly, they also have the toughest skin and are less likely to react.

If you are making blends for kids older than 6 to apply themselves, dilute the oils heavilyCamp Wander has a great post on this topic.