Cesarean Recovery Tips

*still working on compiling all my tips and links.*

Read more about the best oils to use during your recovery on my Cesarean and Essential Oils post. As always, be sure to check with your OB before trying anything new.

  1. Take a probiotic, zinc and magnesium (aids in digestion later on)
  2. Use diluted helichrysum on scar area to prep your skin. I currently use a helichrysum hydrosol spray (essential oil by product) diluted 50% on my scar and massage it daily (more on that below). I also have a scar cream I use nightly (listed below.)
  3. Make a c-section birth plan. Here are some phrases you can use and talk to your OB about.
  1. You will likely be on soft foods for 24 hours or until you pass gas. 
    1. Ask for something to get your bowls moving from your nurse.
    2. Drink lots of water. Not only will it be great for BFing, but it is helpful in digestion. It also helps flush anesthesia out of your system. 
    3. Continue to take a high quality probiotic, zinc and magnesium. 
    4. Eat high fiber foods to fight constipation and gas pains even after going home.
    5. Try drinking bone broth. I will be making my own and bringing it to the hospital with me. My first few meals are usually broth made by the hospital, but I highly doubt it will be natural and have the benefits of the kind I would make for myself. 
  2. Wear a compression belt. Ever heard the suggestion to hold a pillow over your stomach when you sneeze or cough? This is the same concept, but doing it all the time. Try a cheap one fromwalmart for $5. It has rubber on the inside so it can get a little sweaty, but I have never had any issues. 
    1. Once you have shrunk a bit after the first few weeks, you can buy more expensive fitted belly wrap (like a belly bandit) that hides under your clothing better. Using the cheap one first save you from needing to buy 2 sizes of the expensive one.
  3. Walk, Walk, Walk and Walk some more. I often take the wrap off when walking the hospital halls so my muscles have to work a little harder. I put it back on when doing things around the room. 
  4. You do not need to scrub your scar, let soap wash over it in the shower and pat dry. 
    1. I have seen it suggested to put a maxi pad over the scar for the first 1-2 weeks to absorb sweat and drainage. I have not had issues personally. 
  5. If you get the itchies, you can have an antihistamine. Be warned that it can affect your milk supply. I used a spinal block itchy relief slave frequently during the day and took half a dose of antihistamine so I could sleep at night. I am trying it in lotion form this time. 
  6. I also use some essential oils on my fresh wound. Be sure to check with your OB before using anything on a new wound. See my cesarean recovery here.
  7. If your bladder has stalled, try a drop of peppermint oil in the toilet. 
  1. Once Your scar has fully healed, start massaging it. 
  2. Castor oil packs are the newest thing I have been reading about. I have tried them pre-pregnancy for a backache, but not since becoming pregnant. It comes down to deciding on if doing something that is also known for detoxing, is safe to use while breastfeeding. I have read both opinions and plan on asking my OB about it.  Here is another link that also includes benefits to your milk supply. 
  3. Postnatal exercises. I have not tried them, but plan to this time.
    1. Breezymama.com
    2. Parents.com
  4. Carry nothing heavier than your baby or 10lbs (at least that is what my OB has told me). You will be surprised what things you can no longer do without help! It is NOT a weakness to ask for help! If you dont push yourself (in this area) it helps you heal and gets you back to yourself faster. 
  5. Talk to your older kids about not being able to pick them up. Prepare a plan on how to change toddler diapers (sofa!) and how to spend some quality cuddle time with those older kids too. (we like to buy a bunch of new books to read and cuddle on the sofa.)
I struggled for years with feeling inadequate because of having c-sections.  A lot of it was tied to not breastfeeding as long as I desired as well. I wanted to do things naturally, and it just was not working! Eventually, finding natural ways to recover from my c-section and reading more about breastfeeding and making it EBF to 6m with my last boy helped me make peace with my situation. Wellness Mamaspeaks more on this topic.

Clary Sage is often used to start milk production. I put about 10 drops into a 5ml roller bottle and fill with carrier oil applied to the insides of ankles or bottom of feet. Since reading more about the need to dilute, I will only be putting 1 drop in the 5ml bottle this time. (more on that below)

I used clary sage about 25-28hours after birth, and it came fast! I had over 2 oz pumped and saved before leaving 76 hours after birth. I am still pondering when a good time to to start my supply this next time will be. Colostrum is very good for babies. I may wait for it to come in on it's own and then give it a boost with the clary sage.



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