Sunday, June 29, 2014

Peventing Bread Mold


Found at Well Being (Australia) 6/9/2014
"One of the preservatives used in breads has been calcium propionate. It is an agent that preserves bread by preventing the growth of mould. There has been concern raised about this substance, particularly in terms of its effect on children." 
In the study researchers put preservative free bread in edible plastic films that included Clove and Oregano EOs. They also stored bread that had propionate as a preservative without the treated covering. After 10 days the preservative had lost its effectiveness but the EO treated bag continued to keep that bread mold free.

They summarize that it still is better to make your own bread at home, but there is hope that EOs will continue to be a natural solution. Hopefully with more studies like this, EOs will become a larger part of our society!
EOs Used: Clove and Oregano 

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